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Jaimy Gordon lifted literary hearts all over these States when, after decades of inexplicable obscurity, she captured the 2010 Natl Book Award with her small-press novel LORD OF MISRULE. That titles indeed sexy & scary & more, but here on GR Ill single out her previous full-length narrative, BOGEYWOMAN. A prolonged & sensuous growl out of teenaged Ursie (bearlike, yes), the novel suffered cruel neglect when it appeared in 99, & yet though much of the book concerns Ursies sojourn in the bughouse (a private asylum, outside Baltimore), the tale she spins winds up a mischievous & engaging combo of coming-out, coming-of-age, & coming-into-power. All this, in a story that does without the least shred of the merely cute. Our young narrator pays a steep price for being a * Unbeknownst To Everybody, attracted to girlgoyles but not strong enough yet to express how she feels. Instead she carves up her arms & gets herself committed to the bughouse straight out of the one place she felt most at home, Camp Chunkagunk, Tough Paradise for Girls. So too, she spends much of her hospital stay pining away in lust-love for Dr. Zuk, the spookiest of her dreambox mechanics. Ursies sublimations always break some rule or other, in episodes that border on the surreal, as the psych ward births a new-style camp camaraderie. Theres wild music & kidnapping & finally, via perverse & delicious means, escape & transcendence to a bold though fragile maturity. But thats quite enough about character & plot, rich & nutty though they are. I cant delay any longer celebrating the novels bumptious & resonating *language.* BOGEYWOMAN, from its title on throughout, is chockablock with American neologisms, or at least new word-combinations, & again & again these prove nothing short of enchanting. Ive singled out a few above (dreambox mechanics, whew), & Ill note that the book carries a blurb from the late, great Gilbert Sorrentino, raving about the lavish & daring prose -- & more than that, Ive got to say that Gordons verbal pyrotechnics never feel like showing off. Rather, what shes about here is the time-honored business of celebrating the natural world. She coins fresh linguistic equivalents for whatever catches Ursies fancy, & in so doing reawakens the reader to all sorts of everyday miracles. Theres the sound of your secret crush laughing: cowbells bouncing down a glass staircase, that was her laughter. There are the pleasures of raccoon droppings: the harlequin scat of that model omnivore -- fishbones, corn, a plug of purple finch feathers, all bound together and tinted with the rosy, seed-speckled pleasure of blackberry. In BOGEYWOMAN, Jaimy Gordon proves herself just such a model, & a master, supernaturally alive to what a feast run amok the whole earth was.

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